Property Management

Overseeing and managing the day to day operation and/or upkeep of assets as well as rental collection(s).

Prepping & Promoting

We prepare properties for sale/resale or rent/lease by cleaning, replacing wall covers, light fixtures, vents, bulbs, paint and light repairs . We promote the property for rent, lease or sale through several social media platforms, proprietary investor's list, word of mouth and bandit signs.

Property Maintenance

Perform repairs as needed per tenant/property owner and take preventative measures to ensure the stability and maximization of asset.


Will perform light to moderate repairs. Does not perform electrical duties, plumbing duties or"heavy" repairs.


Paint any and all "stipulated" premises of property(ies) under management and touch up as needed throughout the remainder of the contractual terms.

Tree Removal

Removal of trees by cutting (no stump removal) down or limbing. trees are not to exceed 80'

Cleaning & Junk Removal

Clean interior/exterior of left behind debris and junk (i.e. furniture, trash and old appliances). Removal of debris will incur a separate charge.